Alfred Cove is a suburb lying within the City of Melville, in southern Perth, Western Australia. It lies approximately 13 kilometres (8 miles) south-southwest from the Perth Central Business District (CBD). The suburb is one of 18 suburbs situated within the Melville metropolitan Local Government Area (LGA).


The suburb is named after the adjacent geographical cove, subsequently named "Alfred Cove", which is in turn named after Alfred Waylen, an English pioneer who settled in the area early before residential developments. 


Alfred Cove is approximately 1.2km squared (0.5 sq mi) in area, covering a small portion in the northern sector of the City of Melville. The Swan River lies immediately adjacent to the north of the suburb, while nearby suburbs Attadale and Applecross border the western and eastern fringes of the cove. Melville, the central suburb of the City of Melville, lies to the southwest of Alfred Cove


According to the 2006 Census, there were 2,048 people living in Alfred Cove at the time of the surveying. 987 male residents and 1,061 female residents were reported, with a median age of 39 in total. 579 families were reported to have lived in the suburb in 2006. Only 8 of these 2,048 residents were of Aboriginal descent, leaving 2,040 residents of English descent. The major religion of Alfred Cove, much like with most other suburbs of Perth, was of Catholics, totaling 638 residents (31.2%) living in the suburban area.

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