Alkimos is a coastal suburb overlooking the Indian Ocean, on the western fringe of the City of Wanneroo Local Goverment Area (LGA), in Perth, Western Australia. The suburb lies approximately 42 kilometres (26 miles) north-northwest of the Perth Central Business District (CBD). As of recently, the suburb has no population and does not contain any dwellings.


Alkimos is named after the shipwreck that occured a few hundred metres off the coast from this area in 1963, the ship Alkimos met her fate when she ran aground near the coast in that year.

Plans to make Alkimos a populous residential area has been an ongoing plan for many years. Same planning applies to the suburb of nearby Eglinton.


The suburb forms part of a small geographical region named the Alkimos-Eglinton District, which overlooks the Indian Ocean to the west, and marks the westernmost extremity of the City of Wanneroo. The unpopulated area is bounded by the newly developed suburbs Butler and Jindalee to the south, while Carabooda lies directly eastward. Eglinton, which shares the same demographical features as Alkimos remains situated immediately northwards.


The area of Alkimos is unihabited and is undeveloped. The 2006 Census stated the population of the suburb was 0. The 2011 Census excluded Alkimos and Eglinton from the surveying lists all togethor, as the population had not changed between that time.

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