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Ambulance servicesEdit

Ambulance services in Australia are similar to services offered in other western countries, except they don't come free, unless as an individual you have ambulance cover or medical insurance that covers ambulance. A typical 20km ambulance trip can cost over $800.

Ambulance cover is advised by all residents of Australia, as a minimum, or as part of a health insurance package.

The Victorian Ambulance Service website is here:





Prescribed medicationEdit



Pharmacies are a protected species in Australia, the number of pharmacies is strictly controlled by the Government and are owned exclusively by qualified pharmacists.

That aside your local pharmacist is partly funded and enriched by the Federal Government under a community phramacy programme so that you can consider your local pharmacist as a decent health professional. (Of course you have to get past the discount cosmetics, digital print offers and other dross which covers the shops, look for the "professional services area" usually at the back where the qualified staff usually are.)

There is a group of community pharmacists (examples, one each in Elsternwick and Glenhuntly) which are owned by non-profit organisations and offer a membership arrangement with worthwhile discounts. Website:


State Emergency Services

1. Not too sure that this should be under medical ?

The State Emeregency Service (SES) provide a wide rage of services, not just medical but will, by experience, deal with just about anything - All "free of charge". This may include securing a householders roof aginst the elements to major disasters.

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