Visa typesEdit

  • Electronic Travel Authority or ETA for short, after getting it, it is in power for 12 months, and you can spend 3 months in Australia.
  • Permanent Resident, gives you better access to government support structures, after few years as permanent resident you can become a Citizen. You do not need a FIRB approval for buying a house. Complex to get, you have to pass the points test, you need police checks, also medicals, etc.
  • Temporary Resident, not as good as permanent resident, you need to get FIRB approval for buying a house, after your time is up you need to leave. In essence means, that they expect you to leave after you are done, may it be some business deal, or studying. For you to stay further after your temporary visa expires, you need another visa.
  • Bridging Visa, a temporary visa that you can apply for if your current visa is ending a your new visa would start in reasonable time. So you dont have to fly home and back again in few weeks just because there is a gap between your two visas.
  • Working Holiday Visa, temporary visa that allows you to come over for 12 months and travel around and earn your living as you go by doing odd jobs, if you do 3 months of seasonal harvesting (like picking grapes) you can apply for a second working holiday visa.
  • Student Visa, a temporary visa, you will need to be accepted to a "CRICOS" appoved course before you apply for the visa. If you plan to complete more than one course, it is good to package the courses and get a visa for them all. you can work for 20h per week when school is in session and for 40h per week when school is out, but you need a permission from the school. After you Graduate, you can apply for a permanent residence visa. In case after your graduation you do not meet the requirements, you can apply for a temporary visa that gives you 18 months to meet the requirements of the permanent residence visa.


To apply for Citizenship you need few things

  • If you became a permanent resident before July 1st 2007 then you need to have resided in Australia as a permanent resident for total of 2 years in last 5 years, including 12 months in last 2 years. Meaning if you are out of Australia for any reason, even a holiday, it is considered as not residing in Australia. Example, you go back to your country of origin for a month to visit those you left behind. You will be considered to have resided for 11 months in Australia for that year. For those who become permanent residents on or after July 1st 2007 you must have resided in Australia for 4 years immediately before applying, including at least 1 year as a permanent resident (in other words time as a temporary resident can count), and have been absent from Australia for no more than 12 months in total and 3 months in the 12 months before applying.
  • Good Character Requirement, you need to get police checks from any country that you have lived in for year (accumulated 12 months) or more, after getting your permanent visa.
  • Requirement of intention, meaning you are expected to stay and live as a citizen in Australia, or to maintain a close and continuing relationship with Australia. To say simplify this, you either settle down in Australia, or you come back to australia often.
  • Requirement of Understanding, you are required to understand what you are applying for and what it means to be a australian citizen.

How to get oneEdit


There is nothing stopping you applying for your own visa, and in most uncomplicated applications the appointment of an immigration agent may not be needed.

APPLY! Australian Immigration

Taken from Immigration information booklet 6

now the minor details - Points test, you need to get enough points to get the permanent residence Visa. You get points for different things.

  • Age, younger you are more points you get
 *18 - 29, 30 points
 *30 - 34, 25 points
 *35 - 39, 20 points
 *40 - 44, 15 points
  • Profession, there are three values for professions. The list of professions is form 1121i PDF in the Immigration site, Also known as Skilled Occupation list.
 *40 points, other general professions
 *50 points, More general professions
 *60 points, Professions with very specific training
  • Specific work experience, more you worked in your field of expertise more points you get.
  • Occupation in demand, extra points if your occupation is in demand and you have a job offer.
  • Australian qualifications, if you completed atleast 2 years of study in Australia.
  • Language skills, depending on how good is your english you can earn extra points.
 *20 points, Competent english need to understand fairly complex language, or IELTS score over 6 on all sections
 *15 points, Vocational english being able to communicate in your own field of employment, IELTS score atleast 5 on all sections
  • Regional Australia, get extra points for living middle of nowhere.
  • Sponsor, for having state or territory sponsor you.
  • Spouse, if your spouse does well in the points test too, you get 5 more points.
  • Bonus, three ways to earn a extra 5 points
 *Special Language ability, speak fluently some other language than english
 *invest 100 000 AUD
 *Australian work experience, if you came over with temporary visa, and worked hard, this would be it. 
  • Relationship, if you have a relative who would sponsor you, relatives of the spouse count too, as long as they have a permanent residence visa or are citizens. You can get 15 points for this.

Immigration agenciesEdit

George Lombard Consultancy Aus-imigration - We used George for our PR (STNI) visas and can thoroughly recommend him and his company, don't be put off by them being based in NSW.

It is best remembered that immigration agencies are profit seeking businesses, and you, the would be applicant, are a potential customer. In my experience the difference between some immigration agents and a qualified salesman is dificult to define, that said, the experience of a carefully selected immigration agent should never be underestimated.

Police checksEdit






Skills testingEdit

For you to get the 40, 50, or 60 points from your profession you are needed to take the Skills test.