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The most popular online job site in Australia is

Seek have over 50% more of the market share for job ads than their competitors. If a job in the city is available then it will be advertised on Seek. Where Seek is less dominant is in the regional advertising market, regional job adverts still tend to get posted to local papers.

Other job sites worth considering are careerone and mycareer.

Fraud is an issue in the job market. If an advert requires you to pay to apply, or at any stage during the recruitment process you are asked for money then it is fraud. Also, if a job appears to be too good to be true then it probably is. For example if the job is as an adminsistrator who receives funds and transfers funds overseas then it is money laundering.

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What it is like to work in Australia?

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In the UK it expected that a CV is kept short. Typicaly a one or two page CV is the norm and anything more than that can result in an employer dismissing your application.

In Australia that is not the case. Multi page CV's (or resumes as they are referred to) are the norm and you will need to explain in a reasonable level of detail all your previous work experiences. It is quite common for UK expats to struggle in the job market until they realise that they need to lengthen their CV.

Covering letters are also encouraged.

Most office based jobs are advertised through recruitment agencies on web based job boards (such as Seek) and in the papers. It is relatively rare for an employer to advertise the role directly. This means that your first introduction to the recruitment process will be in a meeting with a recruitment agent.

Recruitment agents will vet you for your suitability to the role they have advertised. While they are not skilled to interview your technical ability they will assess things like your presentation and confidence. As a general rule they will categorise you as an a,b or c grade applicant and will match you to roles in a,b or c grade companies. Typically they will only put one or two individuals in for interview with their client but they may present other opportunities to you that they think will fit. In short getting recruitment agents onside is a a necessary evil and maintaining good relationships is important.

Applying from abroadEdit

Has anybody got any names of agencies in the UK that helps people get a job before they leave?

IT Professionals

In general employers in Melbourne will require you to be in Melbourne before they will consider you for a job. Some companies, in particular consultancies will however offer you an interview on arrival, from reviewing a CV sent in from abroad. This does not mean that a job is actually available.

As a specific example an infamous consulting firm based in Melbourne offer every applicant an initial interview and the opportunity to take a series of tests designed to assess their skills. They do not have specific jobs available. Their recruitment policy attempts to identify highly scoring candidates, who they then place in front of their clients to discuss a consultancy placement. Securing a job depends on you convincing the client that their consultancy should win the contract for the consulting position. Where no clients are expressing interest in their consultancy they simply reject you but keep you on file. Their noteriety results from the fact that they are prepared to waste a candidates time when jobs are not available, as well as their no risk approach to securing contracts - if you don't win the contract for them then they don't have to pay you and so they lose nothing.