Keegan Allaz

My page of my original charcter Keegan Allaz


Keegan ("descendent of Aodhagán") Allaz ("Go")

Appearence: Keegan is normal height, with blonde hair with greyish- blue streaks in it, he has bright blue eyes and he is very handsome.

Beginning of life:  Keegan was born on 5th December 1994 in Michigan in the U.S. Ever since he was about five years old, he loved singing and playing guitar and piano. One day when Keegan was twelve years old, his parents died in a tragic fire which Keegan was the only one saved from that. Ever since that day, Keegan had a fear of fire, but soon got over that since he started high school and becoming a famous singer in his school, not quite the town yet but a small part of it though.  As Keegan grew up he always had his mind set as becoming a music editor/manager as his career. Or becoming a famous singer/actor.

Abilities: Keegan's pure talent is his ability to sing and play piano, he is also good at editing music and making it sound so proffesional that it could be a world hit. 

How did the character come to seek adventure?

When Keegan was about seventeen he was working on his music until an idea came to him, about him travelling overseas and working with singers to edit music or singing duets with them etc. That's what Keegan did, and he was accepted to work with famous singers and that's how his adventure came to be.

How did the character arrive where he is?

Keegan met a talented singer named Koizumi Hotaru, and agreed to be her manager and music editor, they found a recording studio in Las Angeles and called it Star Sound Music Productions and started producing world hit songs. A while later, a girl name Sierra Hiago, another talented singer and he agreed to also be her manager as well. So Keegan, Koizumi and Sierra put hard work and effort of producing world hit songs for their community and world. And Keegan is also a singer too.

Keegan's Debut Album
1. Armageddon

2. It's not over

3. Everything is for you
4. Beg
5. Forget or Forgive
6. Slipped away 
7. Fading
8. When I first met you

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