Young universe by destinyblue-d50zeb0

Koizumi Hotaru

This is a page of my original character named Koizumi Hotaru.

What’s his/her Name?

Koizumi (means a small spring of water.) Hotaru (means firefly)


Koizumi has darkish purple hair with light purple tips, a side fringe and really long hair, she has a perfect shaped face, quite small in size and thin in weight, she has blue/purple eyes with a sparkle effect. Her cheeks has a glimmer tinge to it.

Beginning of life;

Ever since Koizumi was about five years old, she was alone and had no family, because they died in a war that happened when she just turned five that her mother protected Koizumi with a spell she used that weakened her, and eventually disappeared...

Koizumi had trouble fitting in at school when she was young, all the other girls picked on her and commented harshly of her appearence that Koizumi felt really bad about herself and she slowly started to get depression and tried to change her look by adding makeup and changing her hairstyle. But nothing helped, the girls were all still mean to her and kept bullying her until she went so far to trying to commit suicide of overdosing, but a kind girl from her class at school stopped her and after that terrible day the two of them became friends.


Koizumi has an ability of singing/songwriting and she draws portraits, animals and the nature around her. After Koizumi completed her schooling, her caregiver has told her about her powers she had known about, Koizumi is a healer. She can heal animals and nature, people and even heal their hearts.

Where did he/she grow up?

Koizumi grew up in a small town, Mystic Springs of only about 150 people, she was always alone when she was really young and she got bullied on about her appearence and her abilities. She went to school and successfully completed her school years, when she became old enough, she was forced to leave her home because others thought she was strange.

Why did the character become a bard (Sorceress, warrior, etc.)?

Koizumi is a beautiful intelligent person with a gift of music and singer/songwriting and only had lessons on the piano, and she was brilliant. She was one day rehearsing for a small opening of a local park because she had gotten chosen to sing, while she was singing, a manager of a music company called Star Sound Music Productions heard her and thought she was amazing and gave her a recording contract and let her work at SSMP (Star Sound Music Productions.)

How did the character come to seek adventure?

The roots of her bard's wanderlast began when she was touring a big theatre company in the USA. The desire of her career as a singer started when she was fifteen years old, she was in small concerts singing with her mother before her mother died.

How did the character arrive where he/she is?

One day, Koizumi packed her things  (Including; sketchpad, bottle of ink, fountain pen, diary) and decided to start a new life and be happy, she came to Las Angeles and became a Forensic Detective, and a well known singer ever since then.

Debut album Songs:
1. B-e-a-utiful

Artist- Koizumi Hotaru

2. Dreams Koizumi Hotaru
3. Belonging Koizumi Hotaru
4.Disappearance Koizumi Hotaru 
5.Look This Way, Baby Koizumi Hotaru
6.World Is Mine Koizumi Hotaru
7.Number One Koizumi Hotaru
8.Ice Cream Koizumi Hotaru ft. Isshi Neko
9.Schokolade Koizumi Hotaru
10.Fairytale Koizumi Hotaru ft. Isshi Neko